Fake stories
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Clark Kent

Clark Kent

Whippersnappers, Clark thought as he went down the street. When I was your age, I had already saved the world. Thrice!

It had snuck up on him, unsuspected. To be honest, he hadn't really thought he would be affected. Until one day, when he looked in the mirror, it was there. The first gray hair, the second wrinkle near his eyes. It took time, but the invincible man, the man of steel, would succumb to age. Like everyone else.

Looking back, he regretted working so hard. He'd busted his ass off so many times. For what? Duty? Money? Fame? He'd had all that, and more. But he paid for it with his relationships. None were left - his closest had checked out a long time ago.

And it was then, he realized, that the man who could catch bullets, couldn't catch love. And that he was anything but a man of steel.