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Faraday Hitchins

Faraday Hitchins

Did you know that the Mayans of old had a way to broadcast messages with an intricate system of monkeys, vines, bananas and small (very precisely shaped) pebbles? No? Neither does anyone else. Yet.

Or that it wasn't really Titanic that sunk that fateful night - it was her sister ship, Satanic, and it was sacrificed on purpose to make the orchestra play better.

Crazy. Eccentric. Faraday Hitchins, or "Prof" to his students, has been called a great many things. But just wait until his findings are published. He'll be famous for sure. We'll see who's crazy then, won't we Prof?

What's that? If they still don't understand you'll show them the details of the Glasgow Smile? But isn't that the torture method the Joker...