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Javier Moltaine

Javier Moltaine

It started when he reached puberty and Javier got his first facial hair. He named it Jeremy, for fun. But like so often happens in that age, Jeremy was soon accompanied by Nikolai, Lars, Mimi, Terrence, Anton and 500 or so of their kin. Javier remembered all their names as Jeremy introduced his buddies.

All of Javier's newfound friends loved exploring the world with him. They travelled the planet and helped each other out. In the desert they removed tears of sweat from Javier's face. In Siberia they huddled together to keep each other warm. Javier ensured they had food and nutrition. They were an unstoppable team.

But trouble brewed in paradise. Younger arrivals, strong but lacking experience, didn't like that Jeremy and other elders had the last say in travel destinations and other matters of importance. They were old and basically senile. How could they know what fun was? Why weren't they allowed to speak directly to Javier?

War was inevitable. It raged on for many minutes, and left Javier's rightmost chin scorched, devoid of life. But an agreement was made - a democratically elected council was established, and Javier and his friends could travel again.

But it was not without loss. The oldest and wisest, Jeremy, is still mourned.